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No Longer Me

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

As I was praying and talking with God one evening, these words dropped in my spirit. It was as though they were being sung to me. I shared it in my book chapter 1 of God Read My Dairy, but today God was reminding me of what he has declared over me. So I wanted to take the time to share with some and rekindle with others.

You are no longer myself, You are no longer you,

You will never be what the world would have you to be.

You are God's creation, his vessel, and his seed,

You are the word that is within you, You are a Christ-like Breed.

You are a mountain that will not be removed,

You are a light brought forth from a light that God has approved.

You have a river that will never run dry for it flows of living waters of love,

that water that flows in you comes from above.

When I usually write this I personalize it, but today I share it with you in its original vowel form. When it was given to me the Holy Spirit said You are...

Love you and God loves you too

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